The 2020 program has been cancelled because of the public health crisis. We expect to hold a program in 2021.

You, the student must complete the application yourself, not your teacher, parent or guardian.

Double-check that you are available for all of the program dates.

Prepare the following before clicking on the application link below:

  • Contact information for you and your parent or guardian
  • Name and email address of a teacher who knows you well
  • A short statement on why you want to study Arabic (25 – 150 words)
  • A short statement on your background, interests, and what makes you unique (25 – 150 words)

If you are applying to Arabic Explorers and Scholars:

  • You will be expected to write slightly longer statements (at least 40 words)
  • You will have the opportunity to serve as a mentor and role model to beginning Arabic students in learning the Alphabet. This will require interpersonal skills. Prepare a statement about an experience of facing a challenge while working with other people, and how you overcame this challenge.

If you are not sure whether to apply to Beginning Arabic or Arabic Explorers and Scholars, read more here. If you are still not sure which application is right for you, contact us.

Applications to our program are accepted on a rolling basis.

Apply to Beginning Arabic

Apply to Arabic Explorers and Scholars