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The Arabic Summer Academy is an intensive program that welcomes high school students from Boston to learn Arabic and explore the cultures of the Arabic-speaking world in an engaging and supportive environment. The program is designed both for beginning students who are new to the language and for highly motivated students who have studied some Arabic before. The Arabic Summer Academy is a 17-day (85-hour) non-residential program, with 40 students in total (CHECK ALL THESE NUMBERS).

Every day, students rotate between Arabic language and culture classes that are focused on communication from day 1. All students learn the alphabet and learn how to talk, write, and read in Arabic. The curriculum centers around the theme of navigating and describing a modern Arab city. Students go on field trips to use their new language abilities in real-world situations in the city of Boston.

In addition to providing intensive language training, our program stives to help our students become global citizens who are aware of the peoples, cultures and customs of the Arabic-speaking world. Students will complete their time at the Arabic Summer Academy excited for future learning, with a newfound energy to explore the cultures of the world.

The 2019 Arabic Summer Academy begins on July 1 2019 and ends on July 20 2019. The program runs Monday through Saturday each week (with the exception of July 4) and runs from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM (confirm times!) each day. The schedule includes time for breakfast and lunch, three Arabic language and culture classes, and a midday period with a special cultural focus. Students should expect to spend about an hour on homework every night. Students who complete the requirements and maintain excellent attendance are invited to a graduation ceremony on the final day for them and their families.