Arabic Summer Academy students come from all across Boston and from a variety of backgrounds. They are as young as rising 9th graders and as old as graduating 12th graders. They have in common a curiosity to explore the Arabic Language and Arab cultures together. Would you like to join us?

In 2019, there will be two groups of students at the Arabic Summer Academy: Beginning Arabic students and the Arabic Scholars. Both groups of students participate in cultural focus activities together, and conduct joint language-activation simulations, forming one program community. Each level’s language classes are held separately.

Beginning Arabic

Beginning Arabic students focus their studies on mastering the Arabic letters and sounds, and gaining skills in Arabic conversation.

Apply to Beginning Arabic …

  • if you are an absolute beginner in Arabic.
  • if you speak some Arabic, but do not know the Arabic letters and their sounds.
  • if you know some Arabic letters and their sounds, but need to review.
  • if you know the Arabic letters and their sounds well, but do not know the meaning or words or any conversation.
  • if you were a student at ASA before but would like to review.

Arabic Scholars

Arabic Scholars are a group of students of mixed ability, ranging from high novice to intermediate levels. They have a passion for learning Arabic, a drive to explore the language and culture independently, and want to help create community at the Arabic Summer Academy.

In addition to their Arabic classes, the Arabic Scholars will pursue independent or small-group projects in which they learn the language of a song, text or video of their choosing. They will also help mentor and coach the Beginning Arabic students in their study of the Arabic alphabet.

Apply to Arabic Scholars …

  • if you studied at the Arabic Summer Academy before and feel ready and excited to continue your studies.
  • if you know how to read and write the Arabic letters and sounds well, and know how to introduce yourself and have a short conversation about everyday topics.
  • if you are excited about helping beginning students get a strong start in Arabic.
  • if you have a passion within Arabic that you would like to pursue with the support of a teacher.